Large 1-Day Antique & Collectible Auction
The "Slocum Collection"

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Saturday, August 17, 2013 at 9:00 A.M.

Location: Sale being transported from rural Brown County, IL to the K of C Hall, Hwy. 24 West, Mt. Sterling, IL

General Information

Mark your calendars and make plans to attend this large, quality 1-day antique & collectible auction that is being held for Marianne & David Slocum. After living in Brown County, IL for many years, retired judge David Slocum and his wife Marianne have decided to move out of state to be closer to family. We will therefore sell their lifetime collection of very interesting antiques at "No Reserve" public auction.
See the reverse side of this flyer for a partial listing and check out our website for dozens of photographs of the items to sell. As stated above, this collection will be transported to the K of C Hall which is located near the west edge of Mt. Sterling, IL along the north side of Hwy. 24. As Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC has rented this facility for 3 days, all items will need to be removed on sale day, Saturday, August 17, 2013.
Brief sale order: 9:00 A.M., large quantity of collectibles. 11:00 A.M., model T touring car, '68 Mercury Cougar, Buddy L yard train, followed by antique furniture. We will then continue selling collectibles before concluding the auction with miscellaneous household, tools, garage items, etc. As always, come early as we will not save the best for last!
Lunch will be available and served by the "Friends of St. Mary's School Group". Not responsible for accidents, errors or omissions.

Collector Vehicles
- 1923 Ford Model "T" Touring Car - Extremely nice older restoration that still looks fresh, good upholstery and top, wood-spoke wheels, has been in storage for a few years and might need some "light" mechanical work.
- 1968 Mercury Cougar XR7 - Gray exterior, bucket seats, hide-away headlights, 320 V8 engine with block stamped #20, 3-speed slap-stick AT, project car with title.

Vintage Trains & Toys
- RARE Buddy L "Yard Railroad" - Original condition toy train & track to include: locomotive, tender, open boxcar, livestock car, tanker, flatbed, boxcar & several sections of track. Locomotive measures nearly 26" long and stands over 10" tall. The entire train measures nearly 13' long when linked together. The train has original paint with most decals intact. It is in "played with" condition. Brief history: Judge Slocum's parents purchased this train for him when he was a child in the mid 1940's. The Slocum's purchased the train from their next door neighbor (Kunkel Family, Adams County, IL). The Kunkel's purchased the train from Merkel Hardware, Quincy, IL. The train is believed to be the only Buddy L "Yard Railroad" set ever sold at that store.
- Huge selection of other trains and related items such as: American Flyer transformer #22035 (175 watt with direction control and circuit breaker.  It has no damage - logos intact - appears to have never been used); Lionel transformer 150 watt "type - VW" (multi-control and case is dirty but undamaged); Am. Flyer Power Controller Transformer, 175 watt - Model A No. 16B (Logos intact and case undamaged);  Am. Flyer Line Model 7B Transformer.  Lionel Multi-Control Transformer Type 1033 - original box - case appears undamaged; Marx wind-up set (locomotive and 4 cars with figure 8 track.  Original box, with instructions.  Train is mint);  GMC (Gen Motors Corp of East Chicago) "Elec-traction" powered street car.  It is plastic but mint in orig box;  heavy cast iron wind up engine with key - runs very well, but one wheel is a 1950s repro;  N Scale Electric - Bachmann "Northern" 4-8-4 and 52' temder - Logo is Santa Fe - boxed and never opened:  Tyco HO Scale #245-15 Cons. & Tender (w smoke) logo - Chattanooga - appears never to have been opened:  Am. Flyer - older locomotive #312 (4-6-2) and attached tender - logo is Pennsylvania (engine reversible & smoke);  a 3 piece Marx wind-up logo "Union Pacific" "M10005" - one car "Union Pacific Denver" and other car "Union Pacific Squaw Bonnet"  This is tin in yellow and orange, and the two passenger cars are made with but one set of wheel each.  O Gage.  Train is from the early 1930s;  Lionel #1684 Locomotive (2-4-2);  Lionel tender #2666T;  Lionel #1666 locomotive (2-6-2); Lionel #1689W tender (whistles);  Lionel #6020 tender (whistle) - never been out of its box:  Lionel #2020 Locomotive with smoke chamber - (box is rough but engine is mint and still in original Lionel logo tissue wrap;  Lionel #2025 Locomotive (2-6-4);  Lionel #6466 tender (whistle); Am Flyer freight; A lot of rolling stock including earlier tin cars. Some are mint.  Some have original boxes. Uncouplers, remote control switches, a Lionel No. 153 Automatic Block Signal and control; Lionel No.151 Semaphore with box - mint:  Lionel #6465 Tank Car (Sunoco) with box - mint:  Lionel #6411 Flat Car with 3 logs orig box - mint;  Lionel #157 Station Platform;  Lionel #1045 Flagman - very old piece in very good shape - a metal;  Lionel red/green light signal - all metal - no box but looks to be mint;  Lionel #3469 automatic dump car - box rough but car is mint and has orig bag of coal and instructions;  Lionel #3656 Operating Cattle Car set - box good, set is mint. Please note: Mr. Slocum is still unpacking boxes of trains and other toys. The quantity and quality will be very good.

Lionel, and very old. It is like new and small. Paint on face plate worn so that can't read wattage. It has a heavy cloth covered electrical cord which has an end so that it can be screwed into an electrical socket; American Flyer transf. #22035, w. directional control and circuit breaker, 175 watt, Bakelite case w. logos, appears never used; Lionel transf, 150 watt "Type V-W", multi-control (two trains at a time); American Flyer Model 7B, (can't read watts - cord deteriorated and need replacement; American Flyer Power Controler, 175 watt, Model A, No. 16B, logos intact and case undamaged; Lionel Multi-Control Transf, Type 1033, original box, case undamaged, but electrical cord has deteriorated; Lionel #1037, 40 watts, a very small old transformer; TRAINS: Marx Wind-Up, a locomotive and 4 cars with figure "8" track - train mint condition in original box w instructions.; GMC (Gen. Motors Corp of East Chicago) - "ELEC-TRACTION Powered Street Car - plastic - but in orig box; Very old Lionel set which you have pictured on line and in flyer - has a #138 locomotive "New York Central", and has 5 tin cars and ord crossing sign, includes instruction for transformer, instruction for trains, and a color multipage catalogue for over 150 Lionel products - set is probably from mid 1920s; Heavy cast iron wind-up locomotive with key, runs like a champ, but one wheel is a repro from 1950s; "N"Scale Electric - Bachmann "Northern" 4-8-4 "and 52' tender" - Santa Fe - box never opened; TYCO HO Scale 245-15 Cons. & Tender w smoke - "Chattanooga" - never opened; American Flyer Locomotive #312 (4-6-20 AND ATTACHED TENDER - "Pennsylvania" - smokes; Lionel instruction book for assembling trains (1949); Marx three piece passenger wind-up, "Union Pacific M10005", cars "Union Pacific Denver" and "Union Pacific Squaw Bonnet" - the two trailer cars are made with one wheel truck each (early 1930s?); Lionel Locomotive #1684 (2-4-2); Lionel Tender 2666T; Lionel Locomotive #1666 (2-6-2); Lionel #1689W Tender (whistles); Lionel #6020 Tender ww whistle (never out of box); Lionel #2020 Locomotive w. smoke chamber (box rough but engine mint & still in orig wrap): Lionel #2025 Locomotive (2-6-4); Lionel #6466W Tender; Lionel Diesel Locomotive #2032 black w yellow trim - "Erie" line -- two identical pieces both marked the same; American Flyer Locomotive #303 (4-4-2) and tender "Reading Lines", flat car #7210 "Erie" carrying spool of cable, "Reading" caboose #630; Lionel #2026W Tender; Lionel #2026 Locomotive (2-6-4); American Flyer #300AC" Locomotive and Tender, "New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Co.; American Flyer #312 Locomotive(4-6-2) and Tender, "Pennsylvania RR"; American Flyer #313 Locomotive (4-6-2) linked w tender - "P. RR."; Rolling stock to include more than 25 Lionel cars, with many having original boxes. Some are all metal; Among more interesting Lionel cars are #1679 "Curtis's Baby Ruth Candy" in tin w sliding doors; #3469 Automatic Dump Car - car mint, box rough - includes bag of coal and instr; #3656 Automatic Cattle Car orig box - and additionally the Lionel #3636 Operating Cattle Car Set with box good and set mint; #2452 Gondola Car w 4 wooden barrels "Pennsylvania" in mint box; #3435 "Aquarium Car" in box w instr (tough item to locate); several "operating box cars including #3493-275 a red white and blue car "State of Maine Products" "Bangor & Aroostook R.R. Serving North Maine" in box w instr; There will be over 30 American Flyer cars, some metal, some with orig boxs; Lionel equipment would include #153 Automatic Block Signal & Control - item mint but box rough; #151 semaphore, a mint item in box; #157 Station Platform; #1045 Flagman, a very old metal piece in good shape; a red/green light signal in metal, no box but looks mint; #450 Operating Signal Bridge - mint and never out of box; very old item - #020 Crossing 90 degree in orig box. Dates prior to boxes with color. Front of box shows a black & white illustration of conductor crying "all aboard" and contains adverts for Lionel, while reverse is advertising for multi-volt transformers showing a transformer with a screw-in plug on the end of the electrical cords. There are various accessories, and many extra parts, bulbs, etc. American Flyer equipment would include "whistling billboard" and several grade crossings and control signs, light towers, etc.

- Large selection of vintage toys with many appearing to be NOS. A few toy highlights to include: True To Type (England), Corgi Toys (Great Britain), Schuco (Germany), Premier (Japan). Lots of other toys to include brands such as Buddy L, Wyandotte, Arcade, Marx, etc. Other toys and related items such as matchstick leg sheep in RARE original Germany box, Planet Explorer rocketship, pressed steel cars, Andy Gump game, rocket ship bank, Auburn Toys, Magic Garage, fantastic NOS lead soldiers in original box, Meccano Engineering "Erector Set" in box, Futuramic space ship in box, very nice selection of metal cars in original boxes, Tootsietoy sets in original boxes and original packing, Tin wind-up car (Made in US zone, Germany), West Britain "Lorry" truck with original box, Premier 105 MM Howitzer gun with box and ammo, Ralstoy, "Fruehauf Trailers" toy set with original box, True Scale and other farm toys, Knickerbocker Mickey Mouse figure (Needs repaired), Automotive dealership promo cars, Gilbert box-style puzzles. Please Note: This listing of toys is literally the tip of the iceberg! You won't be disappointed in the quantity or quality.

- Antique signs to include: 7' wide double-sided porcelain Standard Oil sign, Cuban Planter 5¢ tin cigar sign, 30" Carey Salt tin sign, Riley Bros. "That's Oil" tin sign, Great hanging store display/trade sign featuring Hohner Marine band, 24" harmonica, 19.5"x8" double-sided porcelain "We Sell Start Tobacco" sign from the Daisy store/post office which was located in Missouri Township, Brown County, IL, Watneys Red Barrel beer fountain dispenser, framed 1939 Quincy, IL president's birthday, numerous wooden crates and boxes with advertising such as Dick's Beer and others, numerous other advertising items.
- Guns to include Winchester Model 75, 22 caliber bolt-action target rifle with Lyman peep sights; Royal 7 shot 22 caliber revolver with 6" barrel.
- Dozen+ pocket watches including Hamilton 992 B "Hamilton Railway Special", SN: C326748, Illinois Watch Company 15 jewel "Silveroad" 1898, C.E. Walker, Mt. Sterling, IL, SN: 1342276; Unknown maker 17 jewel "Jay C. Johnson", Mt. Sterling, IL, originated from Daisy, Missouri Township, Brown County, IL, SN: 1311721; South Bend Watch Company Studebaker 21 jewel "Bunn Special Model", SN: 885541; Hampden Watch Company "Gen. Stark" 1900, SN: 1368156; Companion Piece for the above listed, Hampden Watch Company "Molly Stark", 1898, SN: 1221807; Illinois Watch Company, 1879, "Alex Bailey" Mt. Sterling, IL, SN: 276420; American Watch Company - Waltham fancy lady's watch with 14K gold case, 1887, SN: 3622614, Elgin size 18, 1928, owned by Ernest Travis, Ripley, IL, SN: 31602426; Hamilton Watch Company, 17 jewel, 1884, Nickel silver stag case, SN: 1322745; American Watch Company, P.L. Bartlett, coin silver case, 1877, key-wind and set, engraved "W.H. McNeff 1880", SN: 1000504; Illinois Watch Company "Santa Fe Special", 17 jewel, 14K gold filled case, 1922, SN: 2973074; Hampden Watch, Montgomery dial, 21 jewel No. 105, 1916, SN: 3174192; Waltham "Vanguard 23 jewels", 6 positions, 10K rolled gold case, RR heavy numbered dial, 1935, SN: 28923035.
- Lots of other collectibles such as: Rookwood & VanBriggle vases; RR switch lamp; Vintage Masonic lodge costume; Vendorama 1¢ peanut dispenser; Brown County and other advertising banks; G.A.R. Gravemarker; "Live" chicken scales; framed Alton, IL riverboat photo; GREAT framed early baseball litho depicting Frank Leslie's knickerbocker Gotham Eagle Empire Baseball match between the Atlantic and Eckford clubs at the Union baseball grounds, October 13, 1865, with players, fantastic piece!; Framed "Foxy Captain" comic, copyright 1905 (predecessors to the Katzenjammer kids strip); (7) lead glass windows; Several early wooden cobbler's boxes and totes; 35" long primitive baby cradle with original tomato and mustard paint; Several very fancy wall clocks, kitchen clocks, and mantle clocks; Nice selection of crocks to include: 5 gallon Union, 12 gallon Western, 10 gallon White Hall, 8 gallon Blue Ribbon, 4 gallon Ruckels and others; extensive selection of Cannon pottery, Ripley, IL; Early and small spinning wheel with related rotating yarn winder; 29" tall Wabash RR oil can; Very unusual cast-iron "Big Ring" tobacco cutter; Restored "Gem Starlight", Quincy, IL parlor stove; Numerous steamer and camelback trunks; Large quantity of jars and bottles with many originating from local towns; Few pieces of Roseville, Weller and other pottery; WWII military issued snowshoes; Primitive ice saw and other tools; 21.5" brass Scientific Instrument Company thermometer; Lodge style "Black balled" wooden voting device; Quantity of brass and copper candlesticks, etc.; Vintage radio in cabinet with remote horn and earphones; 3 piece stacking pottery jardinier with figural heads and attributed to Ripley Pottery. This piece is 29" tall and has some damage. It originated from the Daisy post office, Brown County, IL; Caramel Slag table lamp; (2) Cannon pottery pig whistles; Early oriental doll with damage; Edward Miller and Company table lamp with original glass shade; Child's size 21" tall wrought iron icecream chair; (2) Extremely fancy 27" tall and 29" tall dual burner parlor lamps including 1 in green vaseline glass; Primitive fireside corncob dispensing wooden cabinet; Tobacco pipes and smoking items; "Chicago Evening American" wooden news boy poll-type wagon in excellent original condition. Wagon has good wooden tongue and hard rubber wrapped pressed steel wheels; Early Thomas E. Wilson & Company No. 521 child's catchers mitt; Cast iron banks to include elephant, donkey, military tank and others; Other cast iron items to include child's size stove, antique car, etc.; W&R English Humidore and biscuit jar; Very rare and nice selection of extremely collectible pewter beer related collectibles such as 1/4 Gill, 1 Gill, 2 1/2, 1/2 pint and other English pewter liquor measurers. Some with marks. Other pewter items to include (6) Tavern Club mugs from a very elite Chicago, Illinois businessman's club. These mugs are generally from the 1930's and include Christmas Dinner 1938 (Reed & Barton SIlversmith's); Weller Dickinsware fancy pottery pot with applied flowers; Extremely early cinnamon colored mohair teddy bear; 1856 2-piece ladies vintage dress: Pitcher and bowl set; Extremely fancy wicker 53" long baby buggy with parasol umbrella; Fantastic Pennsylvania Dutch wooden 2-piece bride's box with original Prussian blue toll paint; (2) stained glass / leaded door panels from Mt. Sterling, IL ice cream parlor; Political buttons to include Nixon, Humphrey, Wallace and others; Very unusual salesman sample farm items including 10" x 5.5" x 8" livestock platform corral scales. Also salesman size wooden primitive washing machine with tin bottom; 51" tall Regulator style clock with German works and English victorian case; Beautiful brass student lamp with original green glass shade; Few quilts to include early crazy quilt with good bright colors; 1872 hardback Adams County, IL history book; Barnett blue milk glass ribbed lightening rod globe; 1964 Barry goldwater plastic toy figure; Primitive wooden duck decoy in original paint; (3) handmade wooden models including fire truck, dump truck & biplane (Made by state of Illinois prisoners); Antique car items such as exterior lights, horns, Model T gas tank, etc.; GREAT 18" x 21" tin Abraham Lincoln portrait; Framed black Americana items such as "The Colored Home" and "The Colored Orphaned Asylum"; Large hand made child's dollhouse; Large quantity of costume jewelry; Early scrap books and photo albums; Wooden coffee grinders; Wooden hat mold; Exterior carriage lights; High-Style wrought iron ice cream chair; J. Taylor large wall barometer, Nottingham, England; 16" tall copper & brass British tea urn with interior heat chamber; Decorative pottery tiles including Cannon pottery, Ripley, IL; Villeroy & Boch Germany beer steins which originated from the Dale Ward estate, Brown County, IL; Nice selection of quality china and other glassware; Cast-iron architectural star-shaped building brace; (2) prosthetic legs; Very fancy decorative wooden panel with floral design and originating from Quincy, IL home (27" x 24"); Saxophone in original case; Antique oil jars and wire tote; Other farm primitives such as brass front scales, hanging scales, egg baskets, etc.; Very large quantity of old pictures and frames; (3) Mt. Sterling and Brown County, IL pieces of advertising china, all made in Germany; Very rare 1932 World Series Cubs vs. Yankees souvenir miniature baseball bat and small Cubs pennant; 1914 Budweiser "King of Bottled Beer" metal tray; Glass and other washboards. Quincy memorabilia which will include the Herald-Whigs huge 100th anniversary edition published Dec, 1935; 4 Quincy City Directories, 1871-72, 1918, 1925, and 1928-29. Book "Quincy Illinois in the Heart of the Great Valley" 80-some pages of illustrations published by the Association of Commerce 1926, several Quincy High School yearbooks from 1930s with great advertisements and many autographs, St Francis Solanus (1860 - 1960) parish history;  "Memories of the Past" by the late Truman Waite 1993;  St. Mary's Messenger Jan. 1908 (St Mary's Church of Quincy - many adverts.  Part of text is in German.  One article urges Catholics to extend a hand to help "Negros".  It is 60 softbound pages with some illustrations;  Scarce item, the hardbound book "Katholische Kirchengeschichte Quincy" published 1887 in German only, with 363 pages and some illustrations; (50) 8 X 10 glossy photos of Gardner Denver equipment, and a scrapbook of Gardner Denver photos; 30+ issues of the Griggsville newspaper from year 1926; Old postcards, some of Quincy and towns around, photo card of the Schuyler County Courthouse 1908. As stated earlier, this is a very abbreviated listing.

Updated Glassware Listing
Punch bowl & cups, Fostoria cake stand, Large tea or coffee post , china with ivy leaf pattern. Handle is a swan - marked with the blue crossed sword of Meisen China, and with a small dish that matches, This is from the extensive Meisen china collection of the late J. Dale Ward of Ripley, IL., square glass lidded compote, Ornate covered silverplate butter dish with ice compartment (Simpson Hall Miller 1877) Rose pattern veg. dish, Rose pattern chamber candlestick w. snuffer, green depression glass plates & relishes, great glass cruet set of 6 bottles in castor - only mark is the crossed arrows of old Sheffield - all cruets have silver tops, one with silver spoon and another with a very small gilt spoon for cayenne pepper, a small pyramid of six small carved elephants in ivory, brought home from Burma by a G I in WWII., 6 nesting bowls german china marked A.C.H., Ruby cased glass ruffled brides bowl, Two Faberge eggs (Chickadee & Bluebird) from Franklin Mint, A blue glass lemonade type pitcher and 6 glasses with a painted design purchased at the ILL State Fair about 1910, a number of pink depression glass items, Bavarian cake plate, Alfred Meakin gravey boat, flowered cheese dish (damage) English, LaFayette gravey - covered veg. - platter, large number of pieces of very old Austrian china in a small rose pattern marked Hapsburg, tall green glass decanter and cordial glasses with painted flower decoration (very old German), pair of green glass candlesticks with silver bands which unscrew to make tall candlesticks into short ones (German and old), Blue willow bowl & blue willow platter - old Wedgwood.

Antique Furniture
- We will be selling a very nice selection of quality antique furniture with a few highlights to include: 51" tall x 38" wide walnut Lincoln desk; Beautiful 3 piece matching East Lake style walnut bedroom suite which will include highback bed, dresser with mirror, and wash stand. Accessory pieces will have original marble tops and all 3 pieces have matching decorative design and burled walnut inserts; Child's size oak desk with fliptop and matching chair; East Lake style walnut 2 piece spoon-carved secretary/bookcase with double glass doors over dropfront and 2 blind doors; Child's size pressed back rocking chair with leather seat; Pine Mission style primitive wooden table; 49" wide RR depot style bench in original dark finish (Originating from Dr. Wester, Mt. Sterling, IL); Several fancy occasional tables; Large oak table and chairs; Early oak office chair from Marion County, MO courthouse; 44"W x 21"D x 33"T lidded doughbox (Circa 1900, Fargo, IL undertaker); 33"W x 22"D x 45"T primitive fliptop doughbox with fancy cast iron handles, lower drawer and interior small cubby hole; McDougall 2 piece country cabinet with roll up door, visible flower bin and flipout glass sugar sifter; Several chests including cedar lined; Few pieces of painted furniture including flower bin; (2) fancy chairs with pearl inlay and needing seats; Primitive wooden box with forged iron handles and some visible stenciling; Floor model antique victrola; Numerous other unlisted pieces of parts-type furniture.

Marianne & David Slocum - Sellers

1066 E. US Highway 136, P.O. Box 111
Hamilton, IL 62341-0111
Phone: 217-847-2160
Fax: 217-847-6246

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